Wax Hair Removal: 7 Top Tips On Hair Removal For Women & Men

Yeeouch! Does the thought of wax hair removal make you cringe?

Well, it doesn't have to be a totally painful prospect. Wax hair removal is suitable for any part of the body, although for permanent hair removal, laser treatment is often recommended.

Check out these seven top tips for making wax hair removal a safe, effective, and (relatively) comfortable hair removal technique for men and women alike.

Tip one

Take a long, hard, naked look at yourself, front and back, and decide which areas need treatment. For guys, it's usually an over hairy back, or maybe a chest that just doesn't look great with a mat of hair. The famous "back, sack and crack" treatment for men is still very popular and should definitely be carried out by a professional. For women, excess hair can be almost anywhere. Hair removal using wax is particularly useful for face hair removal. Decide on what you really need removed to be totally comfortable with your look.

Tip two

Never undertake wax hair removal if you have just been using a sun bed, or if you have spent a lot of time in the sun. It's only sensible to allow your precious skin recovery time before you start any depilation treatment. When your skin is delicate, the wax process can result in irritated skin or even bruising and tearing.

Tip three

After you've had that wax hair removal, you'll probably want to show off your soft, smooth skin. But it's sensible to wait at least twenty four hours until taking a dip in a public pool, taking a sauna, or sharing a delicious hot tub. You might not realize it, but your skin may have tiny abrasions as a result of waxing, which could allow for skin infections to enter. So, be patient!